Since the nineties of 20th century , the founder team of company starts business with producing simple bromide chemicals. By hard work within the past twenty years, company has won wide acceptance and admiration from markets, governments and other social circles .

     Since the year of 2010s, the company gradually focus on international trade. Looking on the continuous innovation of science and technology as the core development momentum, and the cooperative production or consigned processing as the supply model of products, Company currently has established stable cooperation bases in such as South Korea, Netherlands, Spain, Israel and China mainland.

      Now our products not only meet the Chinese market demand, but also are exported to Japan, South Korea, Australia, Italian, Russia, USA, Middle East, Europe countries, etc.At present, our company is mainly engaged in flame retardant, intermediates, cleaning agents, Textile auxiliaries, The Oil-Well chemicals, Construction chemicals and Building materials, Sewage treatment agent, etc.

      We always attaches great importance to talents and cooperation, always sincerely seek real friends from enterprises or institutions all over the world to make common development.